Dineo Langa reminds Mzansi to be cautious after witnessing a robbery

14 February 2020 - 08:50 By Chrizelda Kekana
Dineo Langa witnessed a robbery in Sandton.
Dineo Langa witnessed a robbery in Sandton.
Image: Via Twitter/Ferguson Films

Crime is a reality for any South African and actress Dineo Langa (née Moeketsi) was recently reminded of this when she witnessed a robbery.

She has since cautioned people to always be extra-vigilant.

Just witnessed a lady getting robbed in Sandton CBD. The man snatched her bag or phone (couldn't see well) and jumped into a white Corolla, then they zipped off. Guys, be careful, even if you're walking in groups, cause this lady was with people. Shook, nje,” Dineo said.

A number of Mzansi's celebs have been victims of crime, including Tresor.

“I was involved in a car hijacking and we were both kidnapped and robbed in Linden. The incident took place in the evening at 8.30pm. We only got released at approximately 4am in a hostel area in Soweto.

"The perpetrators held us at gunpoint, handcuffed us and kept us in the boot for hours on end as they cleaned out our bank accounts. By God's grace, we have survived and we are alright,” he said of last week's incident.

Another celeb, Lalla Hirayama, jumped on Dineo's post to share that a similar crime happened to her.