IN MEMES | Yasss! MaMkhize’s Tha is the spice the show’s been needing!

14 February 2020 - 19:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
MaMkhize and Tha are besties.
MaMkhize and Tha are besties.
Image: Twitter/Tha Simelane

Even though Kwa MaMkhize is a TV fav, fans have felt something was missing to just take it over the top, and now they think they've found the missing piece in Tha.

If there's one thing reality show fans have learnt so far is that a good reality show focuses on the "starring", but a great reality show gives enough airtime to all the "supporting acts," because they kinda make the show pop.

Fans felt Tha is exactly what MaMkhize needed. Kinda like what Pinky Girl is in Being Bonang or what TT is in Living The Dream With Somizi. The one person in the show who keeps it real and for the sake of the viewers asks the questions the fans need the answers to.

Case in point. How Tha asked Sbahle about Khune, like just randomly nje. 

Every reality show needs a Tha - someone spicy enough to help the "stars" give everyone the content they signed up for when they tuned in.

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