Inside Penny Lebyane and Boy Mamabolo's GBV Twitter exchange

21 February 2020 - 12:00 By Masego Seemela
TV and radio personality Penny Lebyane has condemned Boy Mamabolo's actions.
TV and radio personality Penny Lebyane has condemned Boy Mamabolo's actions.
Image: Supplied

Media personality Penny Lebyane has condemned ANC MP Boy Mamabolo for leveling abuse allegations against EFF leader Julius Malema in the name of gender-based violence (GBV).

Penny made it clear she did not approve of the stunt Boy recently pulled in parliament. 

As reported by TimesLIVE, Boy issued an apology to Julius and his wife, Mantoa Matlala, over his "insensitive" abuse claims. 

The ANC MP made the claims during President Cyril Ramaphosa's State Of the Nation Address in parliament last week. 

Boy stood on a point of order and directly confronted Julius to "confirm or deny" allegations that he was physically abusive to his wife. 

Penny said what both men did was uncalled for and they should get over their hate for each other, which might make them good leaders.

“Both couldn’t rise above their petty boyish nonsense. Boy started it, Sello validated it then dragged the president in the mud unnecessarily. Black men failing to rise to leadership putting sideshows for white people to disrespect us further.”

A Twitter user claimed Julius made a smart move, seemingly with the intent of throwing Boy under the bus.

The user said: “Malema has sent out his apology to the press and the press did the same. Question is, where does all this leave Boy? It’s politricks.”

Penny said: “Where he belongs on the streets to get on the bus, unless he has proof then proceeds with that to the courts.”

The media personality said Boy needed to do something big to show how sorry he was for dragging the pesident's name through the mud.

“Or start writing apologies to all parties, Sello, and pay his one million demand, Mrs Malema (another million) le president cause your behaviour got him dragged into it.” Aowa Boy o thomile mathata. Ntšha bo hlatse. Fetola Sello ka court. Otherwise namele pese o boele ka gae Limpopo. La ntswenya bo bedi bja le na.”

Penny urged Boy to issue an apology to women in the country for using a real issue for his own ill intent.

“Ntwe e serious wena wa sega. A re kgone go rabala. Nna KgadiYaMasogana ke nyamile moko ka maetswaro a lena ka taba e. Le re segiša ka batho. Tlaešo ya basadi ka mo nageng ke ntwa e kgolo lena u make it a joke. Aowa another apology to women of SA. 1 mil to #GBVFund Boy.”