Bahumi on Somhale wedding: I finally know that my dad is happy

#Somhale's wedding special which aired on Monday morning gave fans a full look into their inspiring love story...

24 February 2020 - 14:43 By Masego Seemela
Somizi and Mohale's traditional wedding will leave you in tears.
Somizi and Mohale's traditional wedding will leave you in tears.
Image: Instagram/Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi's daughter and actress, Bahumi left guests at her dad's traditional wedding in tears when she revealed how he had struggled to look for love but found it in the arms of Mohale.

Fans got to see how the couple journeyed to their big day when part one of Somizi & Mohale: The Union premiered on Showmax on Monday.

In a touching moment during the episode, an overwhelmed Bahumi Madisakwane opened up about her father's search for love.

"There have been many times I'd see my father and I'd see that he wants to be happy. You could see that he's trying to seek for this happiness and it's very difficult for him to find it, especially in this industry that he's in," she said.

"To finally see him ... and finally know that he is happy - you [Mohale] make him happy - oh my goodness, this is a very very beautiful moment for me.”

Reflecting on his big day, Somizi defined his and Mohale's union as not just another traditional wedding. He called it a “homosexual traditional wedding”, as they were doing things differently from the norm.

Here's other special moments from the reality series:

Lobola negotiations

Somizi and his family sang with pride as they walked down the streets of Kibler Park, in the south of Joburg, to Mohale's family home. With ululations from his brother, who was the family representative, they respectively asked for Mohale's hand in marriage.

“We have arrived ... We have a gentleman, a king, and we ask that you open your gate,” Somizi's brother ululated.

“We recite our clan names before you, the Motaung family. Please open the gate.”

After being in front of the gate for a young minute, Somizi and his family grew restless of waiting outside. 

“Finally we get to go to Mohale's house and as we are walking with my daughter and my aunts, it's just a beautiful feeling. The person ululating is my brother, my father's son.

“They take forever ... and my patience is running out, because for me this part of the tradition that I don't understand is the 'fuss' - what is the fuss about? Can you just open the gate and get all this over and done with?"

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After being left waiting outside the gate, Somizi explained he didn't get what the big fuss was about for his husband's family to delay opening the gate.  

“I mean, we'd understand when someone's a virgin and it's delaying us doing the deed, but we've done it 65 times - what could be the delay?” he joked.

The Motaungs finally opened the gate after Mohale got calls from Somizi that the gates weren't being opened.

“Nobody has prepared anything. My uncle was the one who was supposed to be speaking but he said he was shy, so they are trying to prep my father's younger brother. So I'm asking why aren't they opening the gate, because now Somizi is calling me saying that they weren't opening the gate," he said.

Somizi's family was finally allowed in and Mohale's family agreed to the lobola offer given by SomG's family.

'It's taken a lot for our families to get here'

Just like any other wedding, Somizi and Mohale got a pastor to officiate their traditional wedding, declaring them as husband and husband.

“Seeing a pastor run a ceremony for homosexual people, it took a lot for our families to get to where we are today - especially mine, because everyone was reluctant from the beginning. It took blood, sweat and tears - literally," said Mohale of the special moment 

After rendering a prayer to his ancestors to accept Mohale ahead of the wedding, Somizi rode in a fancy Rolls-Royce Phantom with his mother. He expressed that he was glad that his mother lived to see him get married.

Comparing his mother to a Nigerian queen, Somizi asked her whether she was happy that he was finally getting married.

“I'm trying to restrain myself. I'm very, very happy. Even when I prayed, I was very glad,” responded Somizi's mother.