Inside Maphorisa vs Prince Kaybee vs Lady Zamar's twar about owning their masters

25 February 2020 - 09:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
DJ Maphorisa took shots at Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar while praising himself.
Image: Instagram/Prince Kaybee, Moeletsi Mabe/Maphorisa and Instagram/Lady Zamar DJ Maphorisa took shots at Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar while praising himself.

It's been a war of words on the TL since DJ Maphorisa called out Prince Kaybee, Lady Zamar and Mafikizolo for allegedly not owning the masters to their music. 

Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar didn't take the dig lying down. 

Phori, as the streets fondly call the DJ, took to Twitter to lay down some unsolicited music industry “education”. Everybody knows, largely thanks to Cassper Nyovest's rants, that it is better for an artist to own their masters.

Phori blew his horn by saying he seems to know best when it comes to managing his artists.

Kaybee, Zamar and other tweeps had a problem with Maphorisa seemingly puffin' himself up at the expense of other artists. He could have shared the importance of owning your masters without involving other artists, the streets argued.

It seems Phori was set on making a point and knew people would catch feelings, because, well: “Truth hurts and I am about it. I will teach you the real music industry.”

Not one to take peer cyberbullying lightly, Prince Kaybee hit back with a list of income streams he has.

Yes, he may not own his masters, but he set out to prove he's got financial plan A to Z.

Plus, he went on to “politely” correct Phori's grammar.

Lady Zamar wasn't willing to tag anybody in her replies. She just sent a spicy sub-tweet.

Sis is too busy making music to address such things and apparently “empty vessels” make the most noise.

Even though Phori knew people would catch feelings, he said he wasn't trying to be malicious. In fact, the hitmaker said he thought his post would inspire the likes of Kaybee to think about finding ways to win their masters.

You know, buy them back like Jay Z did or something. So to Phori, Prince Kaybee missed the point of his free music industry lessons.

Maphorisa also let Kaybee know that he wasn't touched by his “bad English” jab.