Rami Chuene slams 'conceited, self-serving, egotistical hogwash hidden behind activism'

Florence Masebe and Rami Chuene defend their “Harveys of SA” comment after being called out by activist Rosie Motene

27 February 2020 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rami Chuene responded to the criticism through a fiery Twitter thread.
Rami Chuene responded to the criticism through a fiery Twitter thread.
Image: Instagram/Rami Chuene

After expressing their hope that the “Harvey Weinstein types” would be brought to justice in SA, Rami Chuene and Florence Masebe were called out by fellow actress Rosie Motene, who questioned where they were when she (and others) spoke up against the “Harveys” in 2018.

AFP reported that Weinstein was convicted on Monday of sexual assault and rape after what was a long, draining court case.

In the wake of the disgraced Hollywood mogul's conviction, Rami and Florence tweeted about how they wished the day of reckoning would come for powerful, predatory SA men.

This apparently didn't sit well with Rosie, who has previously spoken out against abuse, and she took to social media to ask “where the pair were” when she and other women needed support.

“But when we spoke out in 2018, where were they?” Rosie posted on Facebook

However, Rami and Florence didn't take kindly to the question and Rami wrote a lengthy Twitter thread explaining her reasons.

“What Rosie Motene is asking is: where were we when the others were where they were. If only Rosie knew that this was not a competition on who got abused when and how, then spoke up when and how. There are no ribbons for speaking out. In fact, you support in any way you can,” she started.

Rami said her comments were inspired by the abuse that she and many others have endured at the hands of men. 

“Rosie is not the #metoo movement’s poster child and we are responding to something that is topical, relevant and necessary. It will always be, as long as victims are afraid to speak out. Did Rosie maybe want an article in the paper?

“In conclusion: now that Rosie got her medal for first prize, can she kindly sit down. No one has time for conceited, self serving, egotistical hogwash hidden behind activism. There’s too much work to be done,” she said before thanking her large Twitter audience.

Rosie replied to one of the tweets and added that she never wanted to be bigger than the movement. She denied the claim that her question was ego-driven and also added that she would not say anything further.

If you only know what we have been through since coming out, you would know that it’s not ego driven! Some of this sh*t would have killed people, in fact it’s silenced many!”

Read Rami's full thread below.