Lady Zamar opens up about having multiple operations: I was sooo scared

28 February 2020 - 18:00 By Masego Seemela
Lady Zamar reflects on having had three operations.
Lady Zamar reflects on having had three operations.
Image: Via Lady Zamar's Instagram

Songstress Lady Zamar has been in hospital recovering from a life-threatening experience which led to her having multiple operations. 

The singer shared the news of her ill health on Instagram, saying she was fortunate that her doctor caught everything in time. She added that she would reveal more in her upcoming documentary.  

Life is amazing. You only get one, use it wisely.” She then went on to narrate her life-threatening experience, saying, “I had multiple operations which I’ll talk about in a doccie soon, but after a few days there were massive complications that had me in a life-threatening situation and I’m so blessed that my amazing doctor caught all of it in time.”

Zamar added that the scary experience taught her never again to take her life for granted.

“I was hospitalised from Thursday, February 20 and discharged today (February 25). I will never ever ever again take my life for granted. The time in there was the longest I’ve ever spent in hospital and I was soo scared.”

She said she drew inspiration from American singer Jennifer Hudson’s song He Pulled Me Thru, which depicted her experience in the hospital.

“God pulled me thru. Jennifer Hudson’s song He Pulled Me Thru is perfect for my experience. Thank you all the people who prayed for me, bought me flowers and visited. The hospital and its staff are and were amazing. My doctor is a superstar. God Almighty is amazing.”