AKA pokes fun at crowd-surfing flop

03 March 2020 - 07:00 By Masego Seemela
Rapper AKA has laughed off his recent crowd-surfing fall.
Rapper AKA has laughed off his recent crowd-surfing fall.
Image: Instagram/AKA

Fans are loving this new AKA, who can laugh at situations and join in the fun - especially after his crowd-surfing fail over the weekend. 

Although he's known for spicy rants and tons of beefs, Supa Mega surprised many after he laughed off his initial failed attempt at crowd surfing during a performance in Rustenburg.

A video of the awkward moment began doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend and had people thinking about AKA's decision to crowd surf in the first place.

Taking to Twitter, AKA replied to a tweep who shared the video, by simply saying, “Sh*t happens”, while laughing at himself.

After another fan stated that if he were AKA he'd never jump into any crowd again, claiming that the Rustenberg crowd had failed Supa Mega. 

The rapper went on to explain that he gave the crowd a second try to catch him and they did.

“To be fair, I got back on stage and did it again. This time they caught me and everyone was happy and stuff.”

With fans seeing how hectic his fall was, they advised AKA not to try crowd surfing again  - but everyone knows the Mega is all about taking risks.

Proving this sentiment right, AKA was clear: “I will definitely do it again.”

After attempting to crowd surf for the second time, AKA told one tweep that he would've left immediately if his fans didn't catch him and let him fall again.

Although the crowd from "Rusty Dusty" failed to catch him the first time around, AKA expressed that he'd still go back and there perform. “Of course! It was a big vibe.”