Pearl Thusi tackles 'Queen Sono' piracy: Please don’t pirate our show

DJ Shimza says it is because fans can get it free, not because they can’t afford it

03 March 2020 - 10:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Pearl Thusi is the star of 'Queen Sono'.
Pearl Thusi is the star of 'Queen Sono'.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Pearl Thusi has pleaded with fans to not pirate the Netflix show Queen Sono, saying it could have a huge impact on others show coming out of Africa from Netflix.

Pearl is the toast of Mzansi at the moment, after last week's premiere of the spy action-drama series, Netflix's first African original series.

The show has been doing well worldwide, getting serious kudos from global media.

Caught up in the hype, one fan told Pearl she would do her part to support the series by downloading it, sharing a snap of her getting it from a file-sharing site.

Pearl was shocked and disappointed by the tweet and asked the fan not to pirate the show.

She said everyone involved had worked hard to make it a success and they needed all the watches on Netflix they could get.

“Babe, please don’t pirate our show. We worked so hard on it and the numbers via the platform itself will help the success of the show and other shows out of Africa on Netflix,” Pearl wrote.

Soon Pearl's mentions were filled with reactions to her request, with some applauding her for speaking out.

Others said the fan could not afford Netflix and that support in any form was still support.

DJ Shimza weighed in on the debate, saying many who pirated songs only did so because they were free.

99% of people that choose piracy do so not because they can’t afford to buy the music, but because they have an option of getting it for free.”