DJ Maphorisa slammed for trying to raise money for Nokuthula Mjekula with RTs

04 March 2020 - 18:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Maphorisa is always a topic on Twitter.
Maphorisa is always a topic on Twitter.
Image: Gallo Images/Frennie Shivambu

DJ Maphorisa found a way to capitalise on the Twitter #Nokuthula trend, and while not everyone seemed happy about it, he's explained that he's looking to use the music to help Nokuthula's family.

In another episode of “uniquely Mzansi” humour, the country turned a woman's pain into a “joke” which went viral and eventually turned into a remix of Maphorisa's hit single Phoyisa

The now-popular mama was introduced to Mzansi through the latest episode of SABC 1 investigative journalism show Cutting Edge.

Maphorisa created a remixed version of Phoyisa, now featuring the mama painfully shouting “Nokuthula!”

The DJ then took to Twitter to tell followers that if they retweeted the song, he would match every RT with one rand and donate the money to Nokuthula's family.

“The number of retweets I get from this tweet will amount to the money I give to Nokuthula’s family ... so one retweet = R1.”

While some embraced the idea, others said that it was insensitive to use a women's pain to get retweets.

Answering the negative criticism, Phori explained that he was just trying to help out the best way he knew how.

I hope it reaches 1 million retweets, Sauta made it a joke, now we gonna do it together to help Nokuthula’s family. Music changed my life, maybe it can change the lives of others too,” Maphorisa said.

Cutting Edge gave Mzansi a front-row seat into the heart-wrenching story of  controversial mother of six Nokuthula Mjekula from Port Elizabeth.

Nokuthula was presumed dead after leaving her home back in 2016 for Cape Town but, as it turns out, she's alive and well. This would have been just a happy reunion if Nokuthula's mom hadn't identified a now-unknown corpse as Nokuthula's and buried it, thinking it was her daughter.

It was the mother's reaction when she saw Nokuthula that went viral.


Here's the video clip that went viral, as Cutting Edge teased the episode.

And this is the “filled with Mzansi's lack of chill flavour” version.