Simphiwe Dana remembers Bra Hugh: ‘We were gonna do an album together, but timing ...’

06 March 2020 - 06:00
By Masego Seemela
Simphiwe Dana has reflected on time she spent with Bra Hugh.
Image: Supplied Simphiwe Dana has reflected on time she spent with Bra Hugh.

Songstress Simphiwe Dana has reflected on memorable times she shared with iconic musician Bra Hugh Masekela.

The veteran musician died at the age of 78 in January 2018.

Since his death, several South African artists have spoken about his effect on their lives and careers. 

On Twitter, Simphiwe shared a picture of herself with Bra Hugh in New York, saying they planned to do an album together, but due to their busy schedules she missed the opportunity.  

“We were in New York here. Then a year later or earlier ... [my memory is such a mess] I was with him in LA. Both times after he’d had a show. I was so excited to acquaint me with his exile hood and his buddies. We were gonna do an album together, but timing.

“He was so unhappy with me when I refused to go on a global tour with him as his backup singer. But I was only saving him from embarrassment. I’m a terrible backup singer.

“He paid for me to get 10 Tai Chi lessons because he felt my energy was too all over the place. And that my energy would be bad for our album. Then he passed just as we were about ready to work.”

Simphiwe also spoke about missing an important meeting with Bra Hugh, something she will forever blame herself for. 

“Gave me such a leeway! I was an hour late cause my hairstylist took long. Of course, I got a tongue lashing and he didn’t wait for me. Cancelled the whole damn meeting. Still allowed that I would reschedule. I would have to go through the fire. Till his passing, he reminded me I’m an ass.”

 “I didn’t miss anything. Everything is as it should be,” she added.