‘Many South Africans got it in the US': Pearl Thusi slams Donald Trump’s response to Covid-19

23 March 2020 - 14:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Pearl Thusi is not impressed with US president Donald Trump.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi Pearl Thusi is not impressed with US president Donald Trump.

Pearl Thusi has lambasted US president Donald Trump for “not doing enough” to stop the spread of coronavirus, saying many South Africans had been infected after visiting his country.

While celebrities across the country debated the SA government's response to the virus amid calls for a lockdown of the country, Pearl said some of the blame should lie at Trump's door.

She said the politician could have “flattened the curve ages ago”, but “wasted precious time pretending America would never suffer”.

“Now hundreds of people have died! And you think he loves his people over what people think of him?! Are some of you not actually reading?” she said in a series of tweets at the weekend.

Pearl said some politicians had sold their stocks when they saw the pandemic coming, adding that Trump's “nonchalance might have cost thousands of people around the globe their lives”.

She said this included people in SA.

“Many South Africans contracted corona in the USA. Trump just wants to look good and faultless through it all. No leader is perfect, but his attitude is ludicrous and detrimental.

“People who support Trump blindly and without doing any research are just not people I want to have around me — not even virtually — his propaganda is viral because it’s an actual virus — destructive and sickening. Block that energy and protect your space.”

Pearl then turned her attention to South Africans, encouraging them to stay at home and take the virus seriously.

She added that people should only go out if they needed essential services.