Amanda Black urges those with anxiety to stay calm amid lockdown

25 March 2020 - 08:00
By kyle Zeeman
Amanda Black has called for calm and consideration for those who are not coping.
Image: Instagram/Amanda Black Amanda Black has called for calm and consideration for those who are not coping.

Celebs across the country have poured onto social media to call for calm after a 21-day national lockdown was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday.

The lockdown will come into effect on Thursday at midnight.

While uncertainty and fear grip many, musician Amanda Black encouraged her followers to watch out and support those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

“Love and light and a couple of virtual hugs for everyone who’s going through it right now. Not knowing how they’ll make ends meet come month-end. Sparkles.

"Especially those dealing with mental illness not knowing how they’ll get through this. Anxiety attacks, depression episodes and list goes on. Qina mchana and seek professional or close friend help. Even if it’s telephonically you can do this!” she wrote, revealing that news of the lockdown had left her with insomnia and anxiety.

She returned to social media on Tuesday morning to share that she was “heartbroken in the time of corona”.

Amanda’s concerns were echoed by fellow actress Khanya Mkangisa, who warned that the lockdown could make some conditions worse.

“Self-isolation tends to trigger depression and mental illness. Check up on your friends and loved ones during this time,” she wrote.

Musician Donald also urged his followers to reach out to a friend who may be struggling.

“I can’t stress this enough, depression and anxiety are at an all time high right now. Please call or text someone and tell them you love them. Please,” he wrote.