Ntsiki Mazwai: 'Don’t use my platform to disrespect my family'

31 March 2020 - 14:00 By Masego Seemela
Ntsiki Mazwai has defended her family against trolls.
Ntsiki Mazwai has defended her family against trolls.
Image: Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has given social media users a stern warning not to disrespect her family members on her public platform.

This comes after Ntsiki started a series of tweets asking her followers whether a girl who was sexually abused by her father was still expected to respect him.

“I wanna ask a sincere and genuine question. Let's say a father sexually abuses his child. When she is a grown woman and angry at him. does the world still expect her to respect him? This is a random example. I just wanna know if parents ever get held accountable for being toxic.”

Although she highlighted that her question was a random example, many of her followers couldn't help wondering why she was curious about this.

A follower tired to read between the lines and asked whether Ntsiki was talking about herself.

She rubbished the follower's remarks, saying he was looking to gossip as she would never put her ordeal on social media.

“Sundiphambanela wena. You want gossip and are projecting it. Stop this foolishness. If I was sexually abused as a child I wouldn't put it on Twitter nxa. You're annoying me. Gossipmonger.”

Known for being outspoken about certain issues, Ntsiki she should be allowed to unpack uncomfortable conversations without followers projecting anything onto her.

“If I was sexually abused as a child do you honestly think I would put it on Twitter??? gtfoh with your gossip mentality and allow me to unpack uncomfortable conversations without projecting onto me. Niyadika with your need for gossip and sensation.”

Realising how heated things were getting between himself and the poet, the follower quickly apologised for jumping to conclusions, and blamed Ntsiki for the wording in her post.

Ntsiki wasn't having any of it, and claimed the follower jumped to conclusions because of what he read in the media about her father and mother distancing themselves from the poet.

“No, nothing wrong with my wording. You have been reading media and you added one and one and came to your own conclusion. Stop.”

She then gave her followers advice: “Guys, you will get into serious trouble for spreading false information. This is real life. You cannot assume anything with anybody's tweets unless people explicitly say something. Careful.”

Earlier this week, Ntsiki's open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa sent shock waves through social media. This led to her father, former journalist and anti-apartheid activist Thami Mazwai, and mother her distancing themselves from it.  

Thami said he was “disappointed and shocked” at his daughter's letter, which accused Ramaphosa, among other things, of “appeasing the white master” and “putting money ahead of your own people”. 

Though she hasn't said much about reports that her parents have distanced themselves from her recent scathing letter to the president, Ntsiki warned her followers not to disrespect her family members.

“As long as they don't try to damage my father's reputation by projecting, I am happy to engage. I have many issues with my dad and have always been open about it,  but he is not a sexual predator, shem. Not ever. Don't disrespect my family.”

“Don't use my platform to disrespect my family. I've never given you that permission.”

Even after her stern warning, some felt she was contradicting herself because she recently disrespected the president.

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