WATCH | Dineo Langa shows off her pipes during Solo’s lockdown session

02 April 2020 - 15:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Dineo and Solo Langa are one cute couple.
Dineo and Solo Langa are one cute couple.
Image: Via Instagram

Dineo Langa has been slaying as an actress, but during the 21-day lockdown she has also been giving fans a glimpse of her musical side.

The Queen star joined her hubby Solo for a freestyle session this week and showed she's got proper pipes for the people!

In the session, posted to Solo's Instagram page on Thursday, Dineo laid down a verse for Solo to kick off from and then shut it all down with a powerful performance at the end.

I just want to know. Don't you sugar coat. Say it all if you want. Could you tell it like it is. Pretty little fears. Music to my ears,” she sang, really getting into it.

Solo was also feeling it, calling the freestyle “dope”.

When it was all done, the couple encouraged all their followers to stay indoors and wash their hands.

This is of course not the first time that Dineo has sung her way into the hearts of Mzansi.

Fans who attended Solo's show, The Dreamer's ABCs, at the Joburg Theatre late last year were treated to a collab from the duo.

Before the show, Dineo told people that she would be singing on stage after many years.

“Jumping on stage tonight after so many years, thanks to Solo. Hope I see you guys in the crowd,” she said.