'Use your instincts': Zizo Tshwete advises on tackling tough situations

04 April 2020 - 16:00 By Masego Seemela
Zizo Tshwete has encouraged her followers to be in control of their lives.
Zizo Tshwete has encouraged her followers to be in control of their lives.
Image: Twitter

While many South Africans are trying their level best to keep a normal routine during the coronavirus lockdown, media personality Zizo Tshwete has encouraged fans to learn from their mistakes in order to grow.

Zizo explained that people feel they are losing control of their lives due to the current Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown.

“The thought stemmed from you being in control of certain things that happen in your life or responses you have towards those things,” she said.

“There are certain things that are not in our control, but the one thing I've found helpful is looking at what has passed, assessing what I could've done and wanted to do differently and basically using that as a lesson for my path going forward.”

Zizo said reflecting helps one to slow down enough to listen to universal messages that your body responds to. That way you're able to use your instincts to react to things that don't sit well with you.  

“The body is connected to that. It's like when your body feels some type of way, that means there's a trigger happening (well, at least in my experience). Something in your environment - energy, frequency-wise - is having a reaction. The best way I've learnt to process that is to tell my body to own up to the trauma.

“What I mean by that is when I have an uneasy feeling, I want my conscious mind to tell me where this feeling is coming from, such as past situations.”  

Zizo went on to explain how one can take control of one's lives and emotions in certain situations.

Here's the full video below: