Minnie Dlamini says alcohol ban may be good in some ways

However many people beg to differ.

07 April 2020 - 11:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Minnie Dlamini's opinion of the alcohol ban didn't sit well with others.
Minnie Dlamini's opinion of the alcohol ban didn't sit well with others.
Image: Instagram/Minnie Dlamini

TV Presenter Minnie Dlamini got some of her followers in a tizz when she claimed that the alcohol ban during lockdown may be a good thing..

Day 12 into the national lockdown, the nation isn't coping too well without their "guilty pleasures", which include alcohol. Some have reached the drastic "take one teaspoon three times a day" stage with their last bottle of the fire water. 

That may be the reason why most people were in their feels when Minnie suggested that she appreciates the alcohol ban on some level.

"Domestic violence in SA is a major issue and I can't help but appreciate the alcohol ban on that level. It's not fun but it won't be forever ... small sacrifices," she wrote on Twitter this week.

But when her comment section started filling up with people who were ready and armed to "defend" alcohol, Minnie said that alcohol is a major contributing factor in most domestic violence cases.

"I'm not saying alcohol is the only reason for domestic violence but it has been identified as a major contributing factor in most cases," Minnie explained.

According to TimesLIVE, Police Minister Bheki Cele last Thursday confirmed that police had received more than 87,000 gender-based violence complaints.

Many on Twitter, took that number as the basis for their argument that alcohol is not the sole reason for gender-based violence.

Simphiwe Dana weighed in on the debate, saying that police minister Bheki Cele needed to be more concerned with dealing with the rising cases of GBV than the ban of alcohol.

A follower seemed to have a different take on the matter and even provided links to an article about GBV and alcohol.

Simphiwe hit back.

"The article says alcohol exacerbates the occurrence and severity of GBV. Nowhere does it say it causes it. Alcohol doesn’t create abusers. Abusers are made worse by alcohol. This distinction is important," she said in response.

Read the rest of their conversation below.