IN MEMES | The disrespect from Mnakwethu 'side chicks' is too much!

08 April 2020 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Linda Sibiya was the host of the 'Mnakwethu' reunion show.
Linda Sibiya was the host of the 'Mnakwethu' reunion show.
Image: Linda Sibiya's Instagram

If there's one thing that has rubbed Mnakwethu fans up the wrong way, it has been the blatant "disrespect" from side chicks and wannabe second wives.

According to many on social media, Zandi, Mahlaba and Samantha set a whole new record for disrespect on the show this week when they basically said whatever was on their minds, without thinking it through.

This left fans seething with anger on behalf of the first wives.

Every time Samantha was given the mic, tweeps cringed. She kept throwing  demeaning and degrading words, aimed at her bae's first wife.

For the most part, tweeps were hoping that all the first wives could just minus themselves from the equation, just out of respect for themselves.

It seemed clear to viewers that if the matter was left for the husband to handle, it would never be fixed.

Check out some of the reactions below: