IN MEMES | Fans' biggest lesson from 'Mnakwethu'? Don’t let men steal your peace

15 April 2020 - 12:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Musa Mseleku was the host of the first season of 'controversial' show, 'Mnakwethu'.
Musa Mseleku was the host of the first season of 'controversial' show, 'Mnakwethu'.
Image: Instagram/Musa Mseleku

While Musa Mseleku's reality show may have done a good job of “romanticising” polygamy, it seems that Mnakwethu has done the exact opposite for some in Mzansi.

Fans took to Twitter after another tell-all episode of Mnakwethu and there seems to be consensus that the lifestyle is essentially a joy and peace thief.

Tweeps were shocked by the “blatant disregard” the husbands had for their first wives, and the “disrespect” the “second wives” showed.

When viewers saw Makhosi (the sangoma) again, they were proud of her for choosing her peace of mind and stepping out of her marriage after her husband suggested that he needed to take wife number two.

Most fans remembered how earlier in the season Siphiwe's first wife, referred to as Makhosi because of her ancestral calling, was not only feisty, but full-on unimpressed with her husband. Siphiwe had been cheating with Zandi for a while and asked the show to help him suggest to his first wife that he take her as his second.

Makhosi still had all the right questions and a confidence that left tweeps thinking she probably knows something that both Siphiwe and Zandi are oblivious to.

She is a sangoma after all.

Check out the reactions to last night's show below.