Rachel Kolisi hits back after being trolled for straightening her two-year-old daughter’s hair

17 April 2020 - 14:08 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Rachel Kolisi clapped back after people questioned her parenting skills.
Rachel Kolisi clapped back after people questioned her parenting skills.
Image: Rachel Kolisi/Instagram

Rachel Kolisi had to put a few trolls in their place in her Instagram comments section after they criticised her for straightening her two-year-old daughter's usually curly hair.

One person accused her of not "embracing" her child for who she is and not teaching her daughter to "love her curls".

"My daughter let me use skin lightning cream on her skin to see which complexion she prefers," the follower said.

Rachel did not take kindly to that comment and made sure the woman, whose profile picture showed her wearing human hair extensions, felt the sting. 

"Really? Have you seen your profile pic?" Rachel hit back.

Rachel's fans were convinced she's fast becoming SA's "clap back queen", and is right up there with Chrissy Teigen when it comes to defending herself and her cubs, and this particular instance proved why her fans may be right.

She crushed two more naysayers with spicy and sassy clap backs.

"This is a genuine question. Can you please explain how straightening my daughter's hair for the first time ever is making her feel that straight hair is more beautiful than her curls?" she asked.

Rachel told the trolls to mind their own businesses next time.

"I wanted to see what MY daughter's hair looks like straight. If she loves her hair straight, curly, braided or bald, that’s completely up to her. It’s certainly none of your business."