SA hip-hop dominates the Twitter trends list with Cassper at No 1, and here’s why

17 April 2020 - 19:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Tweeps say rapper Cassper Nyovest has mastered the fine art of making "anything" about him.
Tweeps say rapper Cassper Nyovest has mastered the fine art of making "anything" about him.
Image: Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

On Friday morning South African hip-hop artists and their songs filled the entire Twitter trends list, thanks to crazy conversations that happened in the wee hours of the morning, courtesy of Cassper Nyovest.

The conversation was ignited by a battle of hits that happened between young rappers Nasty C and Emtee, courtesy of Twezzy and Gemini Major's #The RevolutionOfHipHop.

However, long after everyone had slowly fallen off of the trends list, Mufasa was still in the top five because, once again, he managed to steer the conversation and kind of make it all about him.

The rapper, after witnessing the amicable battle between Nasty and Emtee, decided to add his two cents' worth into the conversation after hip-hop fans called for another "battle of the hits" between him and his biggest rival, AKA.

Obvs, Cass had a lot to say about that. But first, the rapper wants people to know  he's intentionally putting his foot on their necks. As long as what he says leaves people pressed on the TL, he won't stop. #MrTooLegiToQuit.

The big issue for most tweeps on Friday morning was not the fact that Cassper had said  he's not afraid to enter into a hit battle with anyone (read AKA).

People were pressed because when Nasty C approached Mufasa on the TL with a suggestion for the battle, he politely and respectfully declined. They went on to have phone call conversations that they also tweeted about.

However, when Emtee tried to get a word in, Cassper hit him with "Go sleep dude, nobody is talking to you".

Needless to say the TL wasn't impressed. Check out the tweets and be the judge.

Exhibit A: Tweets to Emtee.

Exhibit B: Tweets to and about Nasty C.

The TL couldn't ignore the fact that Cassper had clear;y used two different approaches and tones for the two rappers.

And just for control, Cassper wanted to remind folks that he'll be performing with international artists including Lady Gaga online on Saturday.

Just a young flex from the king of flex!