DJ Fresh on quitting his degree to pursue radio

23 April 2020 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
DJ Fresh talks about what it took to pursue his radio career.
DJ Fresh talks about what it took to pursue his radio career.
Image: Via DJ Fresh Instagram

While being in the pursuit of the right career can seem like a hassle for many, veteran radio host DJ Fresh is grateful that he dropped out of law school so that he could live out his radio dreams.

With an astounding radio career that's older than many ama2000 outchea, Fresh threw it all the way back to the 90s to his early days of radio.

The veteran radio host reflected on what it took for him to be the resounding radio host that he is today.  

With a young thread on Twitter, Fresh went down memory lane to when he ditched law school to embark on a career in radio.

“I had been on radio since July 1992, and increasingly realised that law school is not for me! Come winter 1994, I flunked out of law school. A month later, I applied to study media at Boston Media House and the Rand Afrikaans University.”

Fresh explained that three months after wondering whether he made the right move to drop out of law school, he got recognised with a radio DJ of the year award in the 90s.

“Three months later I was voted Bots Lemon Twist Radio DJ of the Year! I remember Bob Mabena won the SA edition. It was this radio award that became the light at the end of my very dark, law school dropout tunnel.”

Although he was getting the props in the early stages of his radio career, Fresh explained that convincing his parents wasn't easy.

“I remember saying to my mom, 'If this award does not show y’all how serious I am about radio, then nothing ever will'"

As the humble giant that he's known to be, Fresh thanked his day ones for having his back throughout the years.

“Most importantly, thanks to every single listener to have walked this radio journey with me! I am, because of you!”