DJ Tira claps back hard at claims he is faking this DJ thing

24 April 2020 - 11:00 By Kyle Zeeman
DJ Tira was not impressed by the claims.
DJ Tira was not impressed by the claims.
Image: Instagram/ DJ Tira

DJ Tira was left fuming after a social media user claimed that he was fooling people during a televised performance and was faking his set.

The user, who is an aspiring DJ, took to Twitter to share a picture of Tira performing and claimed that the sound cables were not connected to the mixer.

“Mara we are not stupid yaz,” the user said.

When confronted with evidence that it was connected, the user apologised and said “personally from the camera view it was misinterpreting”.

But Tira was not having any of it and slammed the user for not even knowing how a mixer works.

“These youngsters. I'm sure you don't even know how to connect this mixer now you making judgments from what you see. Tsek! You need to go to school and stop thinking DJing is an easy option to make a living,” he said.

DJ Euphonik weighed in on the matter, adding that often wannabe DJs didn't even know the basics.

“It's so funny because some of them call themselves DJs but don't even know that you can play using 1 USB stick linking to 4 cd players, but ke!”