IN MEMES | DMF’s bachelor regrets choosing Leah over SA’s Ciara

04 May 2020 - 11:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
'Date My Family's' Lehlogonolo regretted choosing Leah instead of 'Ciara'.
'Date My Family's' Lehlogonolo regretted choosing Leah instead of 'Ciara'.
Image: Via Twitter

Having made a second appearance on Date My Family, fans thought that Lehlogonolo would make a better choice but as it turns out, second time was far from being the charm.

Viewers of the reality dating show were disappointed that Lehlogonolo failed to choose the right woman for himself, especially since he was experienced at choosing women based on their families' description of them.

However, none was more disappointed than Lehlogonolo himself.

Faced with a choice in the end between the church going, God-fearing Leah and the outgoing, banging body Cynthia (nicknamed Ciara because of her resemblance to the US singer), the DMF bachelor chose Leah. He reasoned that he was looking for a serious relationship and from the information he gathered about Cynthia she was a bit of a “slay queen”.

Leah ticked all the right boxes for Lehlogonolo, until he saw Cynthia's physique for himself.

True to what her family said, Cynthia had a hot body and some resemblance to Ciara (and a dash of the original queen B). Upon seeing her, Lehlogonolo knew he caught a big L by choosing Leah.

However, Leah was winning in her own lane. In fact, the good sis had a sparkling personality and she was a whole vibe. Leah was convinced that she and Lehlogonolo could go all the way *cue OPW* but brother was too preoccupied with regret. He wished he'd chosen Cynthia and not Leah. Maybe third time will be a charm ...

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