Tbo Touch willing to pay towards private plane to help get 'stranded' expats home to SA

04 May 2020 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Tbo Touch wants to bring South Africans stranded in Turkey back home.
Tbo Touch wants to bring South Africans stranded in Turkey back home.
Image: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu

Radio personality and businessman Tbo Touch has asked for help in chartering a private plane to get stranded South Africans out of Turkey, offering to even cover costs towards fuel.

The star has been outspoken on the Covid-19 pandemic and took to Instagram recently to share a video of South Africans unable to return home from Turkey.

He said the video made him emotional and that something needed to be done to help those stranded.

“This got me in tears. My family, our boys and girls, stuck in Turkey for over a month. No food or shelter. Everything is closed.”

He said that the citizens had been given clearance to come back by the department of international relations but all commercial flights had been grounded.

He said a private plane was needed and he called on anyone who could help, to please assist.

“All airlines are down. We need access to a private plane and I’m pledging to cover costs towards fuel!” he added.

In a presentation by the department of international relations earlier this month, the department acknowledged that repatriation from some countries was easier than others, and said the process could take a while.

“Lockdowns mean that countries don't allow any airlines to fly out or into the country except with special permission through repatriation. Getting the final approval takes quite long and a lot of negotiations have to take place through our missions abroad.”

The department encouraged all citizens stuck abroad to contact its call centre for assistance.