WATCH | The Fergusons clear the air about 'firings' on 'The Queen' set

'For people to see new characters, somebody has to go'

05 May 2020 - 14:00
By Masego Seemela
Shona and Connie Ferguson explained why they let go of characters on their telenovela.
Image: Instagram/ Connie Ferguson Shona and Connie Ferguson explained why they let go of characters on their telenovela.

Mzansi's power couple and owners of Ferguson Films, Connie and Shona Ferguson, have lifted the lid on the reason why they are quick to let go of characters on their much-loved telenovela, The Queen. 

During an Instagram LIVE with actor Themba Ndaba over the weekend, the Fergusons replied to a fan who wanted to know why they always "fire" people. 

Connie said The Queen was a telenovela, and this means characters come and go.

"Guys, this is a soap, it's a telenovela, okay. Characters come and go. That's how soaps operate. It's for a story, sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go. 

"This is not something exclusive to The Queen. It happens everywhere and it happens all the time." 

Shona said: "I think what people don't know is the reality of what we do. You are going to see new people in and out. It's the nature of storytelling. 

"People forget that when they watch a show, they get to a point when they are tired of the same people. For people to see new characters, somebody has to go." 

While many South Africans dread seeing their faves leave a telenovela, Themba laughed off Shona's answer and said he hopes he's not next to be fired. 

The fan's question weeks of speculation over the fate of Dineo Langa's character, Kea Khoza, on the show.

However, the Fergusons have since confirmed Dineo won't be a part of the upcoming season of the telenovela.

In a statement sent to TshisaLIVE, Connie said that due to the influx of new characters joining the show, some current characters would not be returning.

The axe has also fallen on Shona's character, Jerry Maake, who was loved by many viewers. 

"All The Queen season four contracts are ending on May 31. We have a new crop of actors carrying the story for season 5, so not everyone will be returning, including Kea and Jerry."

Kea formed part of the original cast of the popular show and played Connie's on-screen daughter.

"We can’t speak about how we exit the characters because that element of surprise is important. What we can say is that the exit of the character Kea is what ignites the series of events that follow, and propels the main story arc for season 5.

"Jerry will also be exiting the show. New life will be injected in the Tembisa world, with a lot of plot twists and surprises," Connie said.

Shona expressed his sadness at bidding farewell to Jerry, a character inspired by his late father.

“I loved playing Jerry Maake. He stands out as one of my favourite characters."

The Fergusons also shared the news that much-loved Shaka Khoza, played by SK Khoza, was going to make a major comeback on their show after  demand for his return.