Zizo Tshwete opens up about reclaiming herself after painful experiences

“Nobody deserves to have their innocence taken away from them. No matter what.”

05 May 2020 - 07:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Zizo Tshwete got deep about her journey with fans.
Zizo Tshwete got deep about her journey with fans.
Image: Instagram/Zizo Tshwete

TV and radio presenter Zizo Tshwete has opened up about taking back her power after enduring deep trauma.

In a recent Instagram post, the former Miss SA Teen explained that she had been through traumas that her body had struggled to deal with over the years and that she was finally allowing herself to be vulnerable, so she could heal. She began the post by asking people to refrain from judging others without understanding the origin of their perspectives.

“Nobody deserves to have their innocence taken away from them. No matter what. My body has carried that trauma for so many years. I couldn’t handle the pain as a ten-year-old little girl (that) I passed out.”

Zizo revealed that she had never thought about the painful experience until she was a “deeply broken adult who desperately needed to heal”. 

“Never thought about it again until as a deeply broken adult who desperately needed to heal. Barely surviving that only to encounter it again repeatedly as a young adult took any last hope I may have had for the goodness in people. You can only imagine the abyss I have had to crawl out of to know of self-love let alone to have the courage to allow myself to experience it. Yet, here I am. Celebrating myself for that, in fact, my vulnerability is giving me back every inch of power that has ever been taken away from me.”

Zizo said self-love had played a big part in how she has helped herself out of hopelessness and that she was sharing her experience so that people could get to know her better. 

“So instead of any judgment of how you think I should express myself about my life journey, could I submit for your consideration that you get to know me. As told by me. Maybe you would see more than a ‘respectful girl who is now showing her thighs’ and maybe the thought of a woman who has survived terrible hurt but has fought to restore her self-love in a healthy and balanced way could occur to you.”

Many of her followers and industry colleagues filled her TL with love, light and messages of encouragement and healing, including Bonnie Mbuli, Minnie Dlamini and many more.

Here are some of the messages below.

Bonnie Mbuli

“This post is so important, I’m so proud of you for doing this. Many times people don’t realise that a woman’s body is her battlefield and that’s where the world attacks her most, either through assault, rape, judgment or forcing her to hide it and shaming her when she doesn’t, there is so much power in this post, it liberates so many women, giving them the permission to take back the territory where their biggest battles were fought! I salute and applaud you, I get it. Thank you.

Minnie Dlamini

“You are beauty, power, strength and love personified. I love you so much.”

Mpho Letsholonyane

“Oh my Zizo. I wish you nothing but healing and strength. So many of us walk around with wounds we don’t even know how to begin to heal. I’m glad you’re on YOUR journey of healing. And your healing doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing to anyone else BUT you. People will always talk, no matter what you do. Do what works for you. As long as you are happy with self, that’s one less battle ... Lots of love for you.”

Basetsana Kumalo

“You my darling are an extraordinary being imbued with such power, courage, wisdom, resilience, strength, beauty and grace. Your faith in the Lord is what sets you apart and owning your story you have taken your power back. You have given hope and a voice to so many women, you have given permission for them to do the same. May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. I commend you @zizotshwete ... I love you and celebrate the woman that you are.