That was not my intention at all - Prince Kaybee denies 'rapey' comment claims

08 May 2020 - 11:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Prince Kaybee came under fire for his comments.
Image: Prince Kaybee's Instagram Prince Kaybee came under fire for his comments.

Prince Kaybee has responded to claims that he dropped a “rapey” comment while weighing in on a debate about women saying no to advances from men.

The topic was sparked by a Twitter user on Tuesday who tweeted: “Why do men challenge you when you decline something they offer you? Keep your 'why not' I sure as hell didn’t stutter.”

Soon a debate ensued, and Kaybee weighed in, suggesting that it was all about the tone in which the woman said no.

“I think the tone in which you deliver matters ..., sometimes the 'No' is inviting,” he tweeted.

While some agreed with Kaybee's sentiment and said some women may need some convincing, others slammed him for not understanding that “no means no”.

Kaybee responded to these by saying he understood that no means no, but his girlfriend had said “no” many times. He added that sometimes the “no” meant “come back for more”.

One user said that Kaybee's comments sounded “rapey”, to which he responded that it was not his “intention at all”.

He also urged the user to “please reset”.