To open or nah? Kgomotso Christopher joins parents' Twitter debate about 2020 school year

12 May 2020 - 15:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Actress Kgomotso Christopher discussed possible solutions to the 2020 academic year dilemma.
Actress Kgomotso Christopher discussed possible solutions to the 2020 academic year dilemma.
Image: Gallo Images/Truelove Magazine/Nick Boulton

As Mzansi approaches 50 days in national lockdown, the question about the education of children is becoming more pressing, and mother of two and actress Kgomotso Christopher has joined the conversation on social media.

The collective anxiety about how the future of South Africans will be negatively affected by Covid-19 can be felt through the virtual streets.

Kgomotso joined #ParentTwitter as they voiced their concerns about what the department of education will decide for their children.

Their biggest concern was that every solution seemed to have negative side-effects. For example, continuing school online wouldn't cater for everybody because of the big inequality divide in Mzansi.

"Sadly not all families have TV sets, data and smartphones," Kgomotso said.

The actress acknowledged that the public broadcaster had created programming designed to help learners. However, she was aware there are families without TV sets, let alone data for online learning.

"The situation is tough on a lot of kids. My concern is about kids who don't have resources and who weren't catered for. Apparently, if they shut down schools in 2020, all kids will automatically move to the next grade. That's not a great solution either. We need more sophisticated and inclusive solutions," Kgomotso said.

Parents shared other solutions they believe should be on the table, even though they all realised each solution presented had both pros and cons.

Some parents wanted the 2020 academic year to be considered null and void, while others wanted their kids to be bumped to the next great regardless of their 2020 academic performances.

The one thing all parents seem to be in agreement about is the fact that the department of education has to make very tough decisions.

Read the rest of the conversation between Kgomotso and other parents below: