WATCH | Moonchild Sanelly lambastes SA radio stations' ‘double standards’ in fiery vid

“You shut down women for celebrating their bodies but play men that talk about a**," the musician said.

12 May 2020 - 07:00
Moonchild has called out SA radio stations for hypocrisy.
Image: Instagram/ Moonchild Moonchild has called out SA radio stations for hypocrisy.

Musician Moonchild Sanelly has lashed out against SA radio stations that allegedly insist on not playing her songs, particularly her latest song Askies, because it's apparently too explicit for radio.

Moonchild questioned the reasoning given by the radio stations. “Dear SA radio stations! The way you choose to shut a woman down for celebrating our bodies and play men that talk about a** as objects. I have something to tell u!” she said in the caption for her fiery video.

“How many women are objectified by men in songs but you play them on radio? How many international songs that don’t celebrate women but talk about women being objectified by rappers? And now you wanna take down a song that makes every single woman whatever the size feel confident?” Moonchild asked.

Watch the full rant below:

The Rabubi singer got a lot of different views in her comment section after she posted the video. Some people were opposed to her songs being played on air, saying that she'll get support on the internet. While others seemed to agree with her that the issue seems to be the patriarchy and hypocrisy that apparently runs SA radio.

Lerato Sengadi, Tipcee, Bohang Moeko, Nelisiwe Sibiya, Shekhinah and Thabo Rametsi were among many in the industry who seemed to support Moonchild's grievances.

“This just highlights how big the SA Boys club really is,” Shekhinah said.

These are the same stations that will play I'm in love with the Coco and I can't feel my face, which are both about cocaine use. But it's men (international) so they get a pass. These are the same stations who will play Cardi B, Megan Tha Stallion, and Nicki Minaj when they celebrate the female form but our own Moonchild Sanelly can't!” actor Thabo Rametsi said.

“I'm with you sis! I love your energy and spirit. I love that you have politicised the right for women to not only own their bodies, but also their sexuality and modes of engaging it. If they want a clean, they must say so and be clear what is acceptable,” said Thandiswa Mazwai.