Anele Mdoda responds to claims her Kelly Rowland clapbacks may come back to bite her

“It's good to take the trash out every now and then”

14 May 2020 - 11:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Anele Mdoda stood by her comments.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape Anele Mdoda stood by her comments.

Radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda has shrugged off suggestions that her responses to a troll on social media could negatively impact her career, telling a follower that it's “good to take the trash out every now and then”. 

The star found herself on the Twitter trends list again on Wednesday after a picture of Kelly Rowland serving sauce went viral. Fans remembered how Anele had claimed that Kelly was not as good looking as many people believe, and called on her to apologise for her comments last October.

Anele wasn't backing down and defended her claims, even telling her critics: “If my opinion shakes you so much please consult your therapist and not me.”

One follower feared that Anele's spicy clapbacks could harm her career, and told her to “just be careful”.

But sis was not fazed and told the follower that “it's good to take the trash out every now and then, my love”.

She told another follower that she was not worried about people who didn't like her, when they don't even like themselves.

Anele said late last year that Kelly only “looks amazing with make-up” and shared a picture of Kelly with and without it.

Her comments have surfaced several times since they caused a Twitter storm last year and in January were resurrected by Twitter parody account Man's Not Barry Roux. The account tweeted a picture of Kelly and wrote, “I am reminded of the day Anele said Kelly Rowland is ugly”.

The post split Twitter, with some defending Anele and others sharing the joke. Anele addressed the debate, suggesting that the account was only validated by data and couldn't help but talk about her.

“The year is 2056 and your adv, who is only validated by data, is still tweeting about me.”