Bootleg jeans, tractors & threats of a fist fight - Inside #AKAvsSizwe twar

18 May 2020 - 09:25
AKA came for Sizwe Dhlomo on the TL even after Sizwe defended him.
Image: Instagram/ AKA and Twitter/Sizwe Dhlomo AKA came for Sizwe Dhlomo on the TL even after Sizwe defended him.

Things got incredibly heated on the TL on Sunday after media personality Sizwe Dhlomo and rapper AKA went head-to-head in a spicy war of words. 

It seemed the Supa Mega wasn't impressed with the “know-it-all” attitude Sizwe's tweets came across as, when he told tweeps that AKA was a bad businessman. So the rapper decided to fetch Sizwe on the TL and tweeps knew that it was about to go down.

It seems the rapper was touched, so as usual AKA took to Twitter to, uhm, throw the first cyber punch. It didn't take tweeps long to realise that it was a sub for Sizwe.

Sizwe didn't take kindly to the soft jab from the rapper. He made it clear that he's not one to be messed about with and tweeted AKA directly.

The media personality gave one of his famous spicy clap backs, promising AKA a fist and a loan! Ouch ...

I’ll be very direct with you son, mina I’ll f**k you up for free, no need to sign contracts. Then I’ll front you money for legal fees after that.”

The pair made their way to the Twitter trends list because tweeps were all in for the drama. But while nobody suspected it, it seemed there was more than meets the eye with the pair.

Sizwe shared a cryptic tweet about how AKA might be ticked off because he asked Sizwe to feature in one of his shows and Sizwe apparently said no.

It might also be connected to the fact that AKA has been selling the narrative that he's broke since releasing his latest venture, AKATV.

The rapper even trended at the weekend under the hashtag “AKAsanamali”, which means he ain't got money. Of course, he took advantage of the situation to promote his “TV”.

He even asked people to donate some money to keep him afloat.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ... I am broke. Very very broke. I don’t have any money ... at all. Thanks,” AKA tweeted.

Yeah right ...