Cassper clears the air on throwback tweet stanning over AKA

19 May 2020 - 18:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Cassper Nyovest has cleared the air.
Image: Cassper Nyovest's Instagram Cassper Nyovest has cleared the air.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest has cleared the air on a throwback tweet praising his biggest rival AKA, saying he was a stan of all things SA hip-hop back in the day.

The pair have been beefing for so long but there was a time when Cassper was a bright-eyed youngster trying to break into the industry and AKA was the star to be.

In a tweet from 2012, that was re-shared this week by fans, Cassper praised AKA's  imagination and said he was a fan.

“Hahaha. AKA's imagination is wild! Not too many artists with such a gift. That's why I am such a fan,” he wrote.

One fan shared the tweet with Cassper and suggested the rapper remains stanning.

Cass responded by saying he was in love with the industry and AKA was a big part of it.

“AKA was killing it in 2012 and I was just an upcoming rapper who was a fan of everything that was SA hip-hop. Notice how I had Prokid on my profile picture too. Instead of hating on the big guns, I was inspired by them,” he explained.

But what would a Cassper tweet about AKA be without a little bit of shade?

Cass ended his tweet by saying he went from being the biggest fan to the biggest boss.

Fans have been hoping the two will put aside their differences and work together, but Cassper has made it clear on several occasions that it will never happen.

And after AKA swore at his mom, Cassper was even more livid.

“Someone swears at my parents and it's 'AKA and Cassper are boring'. I'm not innocent at all in this thing but I have never disrespected anybody's parents or family so miss me with that because I just wasn't raised like that,” he said, adding: “there's a line that you don't cross! Even with enemies!”

AKA later apologised and said he regretted his insult.