DJ Zinhle on preparing Kairo for fame, and life at home under lockdown

20 May 2020 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
DJ Zinhle has opened up about life at home under lockdown.
DJ Zinhle has opened up about life at home under lockdown.
Image: DJ Zinhle's Instagram

DJ Zinhle is not only a beast on the decks but also a protective mother who admits she is sometimes anxious about raising her daughter Kairo in the spotlight.

Zinhle welcomed a baby girl with rapper AKA in 2015, and this week she told actress Linda Mtoba hat she has to prepare her little one for fame.

“We have conversations with her because Kairo is having encounters with people where she realises this is not normal. She asks and we are very honest about what is happening so we can prepare her for the life she is going into. We are not sheltering her.”

She said measures she took included limiting what is put on Kairo’s Instagram page, and not allowing photos with fans when she is out with her daughter in public.

The musician has enjoyed her time indoors with Kairo during the lockdown, and said she felt her daughter was “comfortable”, despite the uncertainty the lockdown brought.

“Being home has made Kairo so comfortable. She is not worried. When she was going through the most I would just approach the door and she would ask me where I am going. Now she doesn’t care. I can go to the door and back and she doesn’t care. It has made her comfortable to know I am always there."