IN MEMES | #StudentTwitter teaches Lvovo a lesson he'll never forget!

His only sin was caring about the students' academic progress ... Haai, it's tough in these streets!

20 May 2020 - 18:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Lvovo got dragged by student Twitter for his tweet.
Lvovo got dragged by student Twitter for his tweet.
Image: Instagram/ L'vovo

Musician Lvovo has learnt the hard way never to ask about academic progress on social media after #StudentsTwitter dragged him really hard for an innocent question.

Lvovo has used his Twitter to engage with fans over various topics since he created his account but even after eight years on Twitter, it seems he underestimated the kind of backlash his tweet could attract.

The musician directed a question most students felt was “deeply personally” on his TL when he tweeted earlier this week: “Academically, kuhamba kanjani (how is it going)?"

For two full days, students made it rain on Lvovo's TL as they used his own “shortcomings” to drag him for asking about academic progress when he knows most students are going through the most since the lockdown began.

Look, the poor guy had everything from his “failed career” to his body size and shape used against him.

And that is why he's decided that he will never, ever ask such a question again!

Ngeke ngiphinde ngibuze anyone about any progress in school,” he said.

His decision to never ask students about the academics came a bit too late as tweeps were already on the roll with the memes.

Check out a few of the memes that taught Lvovo a social media “academic” lesson.