Riky Rick’s comments ignite part 2 of #AKAvsSizwe twar as AKA drags Sizwe

20 May 2020 - 12:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
AKA came for Sizwe Dhlomo on the TL even after Sizwe defended him.
AKA came for Sizwe Dhlomo on the TL even after Sizwe defended him.
Image: Instagram/ AKA and Twitter/Sizwe Dhlomo

Looks like Mzansi needs to get more popcorn and stay tuned to rapper AKA's TL because the rapper seems set on dragging Sizwe Dhlomo for days. Part two of the twar was ignited by comments fellow rapper Riky Rick made about the whole #AKAvsSizwe situation.

In an Instagram Live interview with rapper Da Les, Riky shared his view on AKA's Reebok deal and Sizwe's commentary around it. 

“But for Sizwe to really get involved to that level, it's like I see you, you are a commentator but you make your money somewhere else. You don't make your money in rap.

“So stop coming for the rappers, if you love this culture, build the culture but don't come for ni***. Don't try and make ni**** look weak or lesser than you because they still trying to figure it out,” Riky said.

Unfortunately, AKA caught wind of the interview and it probably fuelled him up because next thing Mzansi knew, the Fela In Versace hitmaker was on Twitter throwing jabs at Sizwe.

In true AKA fashion, he took it a step further and insulted Sizwe's family, particularly his grandfather who he insinuated was an "apartheid spy". He also continued to mock Sizwe for his agricultural interest and business ventures.

Sizwe hasn't replied to any of AKA's “AM” tweets.

And just for the ambience ... AKA obvs wasn't going to leave the TL without dragging his “arch-nemesis”, aka Cassper Nyovest.

This time around, he went for him using his latest track Amadenoni.

While Sizwe has only tweeted the word "Okay" - which fans have assumed is a subtweet at AKA - Cassper took the direct approach.

Cassper replied to one of AKA's now-deleted tweets saying he doesn't understand why the rapper is busy blowing up his TL in the wee hours of the morning. The rapper figured that AKA is doing all this for promo, so he gave him a shout out.

"You got new music dropping and you have to go back to your old tricks. Lol... Here's the lil promo you wanted lil man. enjoy," he said.