Riky Rick defends his comments in #AKAvsSizwe twar after Twitter drags him

"I'm not on anyone's side. It's not about sides anymore to me."

21 May 2020 - 15:00
Riky wrote a thread about how he's over the AKA/Cassper beef.
Image: Instagram/AKA/Riky Rick/Cassper Nyovest Riky wrote a thread about how he's over the AKA/Cassper beef.

Rapper Riky Rick was forced to set the record straight after his comments on the #AKAvsSizwe twar saw him get dragged for taking sides and defending AKA, who is his former homie Cassper Nyovest's biggest nemesis.

Riky took to Twitter to pen a lengthy thread explaining how he wasn't taking sides and how the five-year-old beef between Cassper and AKA has actually affected SA hip-hop over the years.

"The AKA/Cass beef is exhausting for the game. It might be exciting for Twitter but behind the scenes it's something most rappers keep quiet on because it's draining the life out of the culture."

The rapper said their beef was like a huge elephant in the room that rappers were hesitant to ever talk about for fear of being seen to like one rapper more than the other. He added that while the beef may be entertaining and even fun for tweeps, it was affecting him in real life as a rapper. He also expressed his desire to see the pair make peace.

"This is real life for me. It's not a soccer match where we choose sides. There’s nothing more I wanna see in my lifetime than those two squash the beef and for everyone to work together on doing big things for the culture," he said.

Riky touched on his own fallout with Cassper. Even though he was stingy on the details, he said he missed Cassper and still loved him.

"I don't condone AKA coming for Cassper the way he did and never will because even though we haven't been on the best terms, I still have love for him, his team and his family.

"I hate watching them fight. I hate not being in Cassper's life because we had many great times together and I'm not too stubborn to say I miss him as a homie. I gain no joy in seeing him being attacked by anyone," Riky said.

The rapper also wanted to make it clear that he wasn't on anyone's side and wants everyone to win because he cares about the culture.

"I'm not on anyone's 'side'. It's not about sides anymore to me."

Read the full thread below.