AKA's triple music release dominates Friday: 'We bow down to the Mega'

22 May 2020 - 15:00 By Jessica Levitt
AKA is dominating the day, obvs.
AKA is dominating the day, obvs.
Image: Instagram/ AKA

When you woke up today, the first thing you'll have noticed is how the top 10 trends on Twitter were all related to AKA and the release of three new tracks by the musician.

AKA fans got a triple threat treat after hearing Cross My Heart, Monuments and Energy.

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The tripod dose was enough to send fans into overdrive, analyse the verses, lol at his shots fired and jam at 6am.

From #AKADay to #MaDrugz, the Mega has again marked his territory and we're bowing down.

Here's what y'all had to say.