Lady Zamar has a life lesson for y’all: Eventually haters become fans

24 May 2020 - 11:00 By Masego Seemela
Lady Zamar on haters becoming her fans.
Lady Zamar on haters becoming her fans.
Image: Via Lady Zamar Instagram

Songstress Lady Zamar is not about to be moved by the hate she receives from her critics. 

With her name constantly topping the trends list, Zamar has reassured Mzansi she wasn't about to change who she was to fit into people's expectations of her.

Zamar took to Twitter and alluded that people who hated her eventually became her fans.

“So what if some people don’t understand you? If they criticise and berate you? Fact is, it won’t be everyone and eventually, haters will become fans if you stay authentic, honest and true to you and who you are.”

In recent year Zamar has hogged the trends list for her fashion.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about how she felt about the backlash, Zamar explained she'd mainly get upset when people said she was trying to get attention.

“I am trying to find my identity as an African child and show others they can do that too without being placed in a mould of what you should wear or how you should look.

“I know that is what I am doing it for, not to get attention. It is not me looking for attention. There are better ways of getting attention. Real attention. You don't have to put yourself out for mass ridicule. That is dumb.”

For a number of years, Zamar has had to defend herself from negative people.

In August last year, the award-winning muso slammed haters, who she believed were consumed by “jealousy and pure evil” after a video clip of a woman cyber bullying her over her acne went viral.

While the woman in the video seemed to be singer Babes Wodumo, the Wololo hitmaker was then slammed by social media users who believed that the woman's voice in the clip matched hers.  

Babes, however, denied social media suggestions that it was her in the video and claimed that her Twitter account had been hacked.

Zamar later took to Twitter to address social media trolls, saying, “haters always come calling when you are at peace with yourself”.