IN MEMES | 'The River' fans thrilled as Emma finds out why Lindiwe is boss

26 May 2020 - 18:00
Actress Sindi Dlathu plays Lindiwe in  'The River'.
Image: Instagram/Sindi Dlathu Actress Sindi Dlathu plays Lindiwe in 'The River'.

Fans of The River couldn't help but celebrate when Lindiwe again proved she's the super villain, even though Emma tried to knock her off the spot. 

Viewers of the dramatic telenovela dislike Lindiwe's cunning character, except when someone else tries to do what Lindiwe does.

As the fiery drama between Lindiwe and Zolani's power-hungry girlfriend Emma continued, fans were eager to see if Emma would bring Lindiwe to her knees. Of course that didn't happen because Lindiwe is the boss of all villains.

Instead of the victory she was certain was hers, Emma ended up with egg on her face. She found out something that viewers have known all along - Zolani is nothing but Lindiwe's sidekick, and he doesn't actually own any part of the mine.

Whoa! Moghel's disappointment was heartbreaking, but fans were celebrating because they don't call Lindiwe "Madlabantu" for nothing.

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