LISTEN | Nasty C on what he plans to bring to Def Jam: ‘I’m going to do me as best as I can’

29 May 2020 - 07:00 By Masego Seemela
Nasty C is excited about who he's set to become under Def Jam Records.
Nasty C is excited about who he's set to become under Def Jam Records.
Image: Via Nasty Instagram

Since the news broke that Nasty C had signed an impressive international record deal with world-renowned US entertainment company Def Jam Records, the rapper believes he deserves everything that's coming his way. 

In March, Billboard reported that Nasty had signed a deal that comes as a joint venture with Universal Music Africa.

Though life has come to a halt for most artists due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nasty expressed his excitement about joining the record label once life gets back to normal during a podcast interview with TshisaLIVE. 

“Man it's exciting, it's very exciting because I really put in the work. I just keep my head down and work, I overwork myself even and it pays off ... that's the one thing I believe in.”

Nasty explained that the record deal meant he'd have to live in the States for months at a time and will also see him come back to SA every now and then.

“I'll always have a place to live here because I don't want to live anywhere else besides SA, but I do have to move in the States so I'm there a bit more and people get to see my face a bit more and to also interact with me.” 

Nasty explained he plans to give the US audience and world at large the real version of himself and be “as authentic as possible”. 

“I've never been one to change because of what people think about me or because they don't like me. So, I will keep doing music and it's been working so far.

“I've just got a bigger platform to really bring all my ideas I have in my head to life the right way, with the right quality ... things are going to get a little more crazier from now forth,” Nasty quipped.

When asked how he felt about being the first to pave the way for the younger generation of South African artists, Nasty gave them words of advice, saying, “Just work hard and keep telling yourself you deserve everything in the world, or whatever you want to get in life. Never feel like you're not worth it because you come from a 'not so good' background.”

Nasty explained that such a mentality was very toxic, which he partly blamed on societal norms.

“That's how people are, they feel like they don't deserve the world and I try to do the opposite and be extra at doing. I guess that's how I keep doing these outrageous things.”