Zakes Bantwini celebrates being accepted into Harvard Business School

31 May 2020 - 10:00 By Masego Seemela
Zakes Bantwini is excited about being accepted into Harvard Business School.
Zakes Bantwini is excited about being accepted into Harvard Business School.
Image: Jessica Levitt

Talk about keeping your eye on the prize — musician Zakes Bantwini has been accepted to study “the business of entertainment music and sport” at the world-renowned Harvard Business School.  

The muso shared the news of his admission to the business school on Instagram where he described it as “perfect timing” seeing he just achieved another milestone of turning an age he never thought he'd ever reach.

He shared a video that was taken by media personality and wife Nandi Madida who can be heard wishing Zakes a happy birthday, clearly excited for her husband's milestone.

In the video, Zakes expressed how excited he was that he was turning 40 as he never thought he'd live past the age of 25.

“Now that I've turned 40, I am happy and I have a lot to celebrate. I've been accepted to go study at Harvard ... for me, that's a huge milestone. I know it's going to help me shape the SA music landscape.” 

In Zakes' heartfelt post he wrote, “Last week, I received an e-mail from Harvard Business School accepting my application to study the business of entertainment, music and sport.

“I was elated at the news and I knew that this year is a special one indeed. I'm turning 40, I'm going to Harvard, my love, light and music album turns ten years, I'm launching an international dance label all electronic music ... this is indeed a special day!”