Moonchild on relationships: I cry in private a lot but at face value I’m hard AF!

05 June 2020 - 18:00 By Masego Seemela
Moonchild opens up about what kind of a person she is in relationships.
Moonchild opens up about what kind of a person she is in relationships.
Image: Instagram/Moonchild Sanelly

Known for her lively and cheerful upbeat songs, singer Moonchild Sanelly has revealed she's an emotional person when in a relationship and is known to sometimes tear up.

The singer got candid with her Twitter followers on Friday, explaining that crying was strength and no-one should ever undermine tears.

Taking to Twitter, Moonchild shared that she mostly cries in private when in a relationship, but always put on a brave face when around people.  

“Saddest thing about me in relationships I cry in private a lot, in face value I’m hard AF! So no-one thinks anything makes me cry because they can and I don’t! Crying is a strength! Don’t ever undermine someone who can cry, unless it’s emotional blackmail! Respect tears.”

Though she may have an emotional element to her when in relationships, earlier this year Moonchild shared a spicy message for her haters and everyone who has disrespected her.

The star shared on Twitter that she was tired of being polite and taken advantage of.

“This is my year of you will respect me because this polite b*tch sh*t is taken advantage of. I remember Simphiwe Dana, my big sis, called me and said, 'Teach them to respect you'. I get it fully, so if unamasimba ... andizi. Happy New Year Boobeams.”

This is not the first time Moonchild has demanded respect. In October she said she would continue to show off her booty whether people liked it or not.

This after the dancing queen shared a video of her assets being covered with drinking yoghurt.

“I’ll post my bum until you stop being shocked because it’s my comfort! I love no clothes, so deal with it!”