Lvovo Derrango: 'Don't drink with friends who make you the ice boy'

06 June 2020 - 13:00 By Nonhlanhla Msibi
Lvovo Derrango has some friendship advice
Lvovo Derrango has some friendship advice
Image: Instagram/ Lvovo

While many in Mzansi were dancing their way to bottle stores to buy alcohol after two months of thirst, musician Lvovo Derrango took to Twitter to use a drinking analogy to give some friendship advice to his fans.

His advice? Don't drink with friends that make you the ice boy.

“Don't drink with friends that will send you to go and buy whatever they need, because they are loaded with cash, those people are not genuine friends,” he warned.

The lifting of the ban on alcohol sales under lockdown level 3 on Monday brought Mzansi to a standstill, with roads leading to bottle stores jammed.

Lvovo warned his fans that their friends may send them to go to buy things for them in front of their girlfriends. He told them to be careful of such friends.

He also commented on a video of people singing in the queues at Makro posted by DJ Tira on Twitter.

Lvovo said he failed to understand why people are not ordering  alcohol online, since they have smartphones to avoid coronavirus infections.

“Imagine you can order the same alcohol online. All these people have smartphones. Ayi kusakude phambili” (There's still a long way to go)” he wrote.