Sizwe Dhlomo on his new radio gig

'I don’t want to get too soppy or sentimental but the love you’ve shown me over the last 15 years ... is really amazing and appreciated'

07 June 2020 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Sizwe Dhlomo is excited about his new radio gig.
Sizwe Dhlomo is excited about his new radio gig.
Image: Instagram/Sizwe Dhlomo

While many might describe 2020 as “dark and gloomy”, media personality Sizwe Dhlomo is celebrating his appointment as a host on the Kaya FM afternoon drive time show.

Siz's new gig was announced on Wednesday by the station. His show starts next month.

Sizwe, who's well known in these Twitter streets for being outspoken about certain issues in the country, promised to bring a different dynamic to the radio station.

With almost everything in life seeming to be going according to how Sizwe wants them, the media personality shared how grateful he was to have received love and support from Mzansi throughout his 15-year career.  

While the new drive time radio host got an outpouring in response to his new radio gig, others were sceptical as to whether Sizwe would be a perfect “fit” for the radio station.

In a response to a tweep, Sizwe said, “To be honest the feedback is great and welcome but I’m not going there to fit in or do the same show. I’m going there to be me and do my show. I relish challenges like these. I’ve done it time and time over again.”

Sharing his excitement of working with Sizwe, Kaya FM's station’s MD Greg Maloka said, “The most fascinating thing about working with Sizwe will be our ability to explore the length and breadth of the Afropolitan’s interest, knowledge and achievements across many disciplines including science, the arts, economics, fashion, current affairs and more.

“His handle on music and passion for Africa and the diaspora is yet to be fully experienced. Our focus will be on how we continue to shift the cultural needle with the view of reflection in five years’ time, on how much further we and our people have moved.”