AKA gloats about his advice to Rouge working out as 'One by One' climbs charts

08 June 2020 - 15:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper AKA and Rouge collaborated to make the song 'One By One'.
Rapper AKA and Rouge collaborated to make the song 'One By One'.
Image: Instagram/Rouge

Rapper AKA once again sang his own praises for the Mega wisdom he shared with rapper Rouge when they collaborated to make the chart-topping song, One by One.

Rouge took to Twitter to share the news that the song was doing better than expected and steadily climbing on music charts across different platforms. The rapper said she was pleasantly surprised by how well the song was doing.

"#onebyonemusicvideo climbing up the #mtvbase charts let me also mention. I've never been on so many commercial charts at once, radios and television ...”

However, the Supa Mega said he knew from the get-go that the song would do well, especially since he's on it. AKA also explained that he was glad Rouge took his advice to expand her brand.

“I remember when you called me worrying about people saying they want the “rap” Rouge ... I said, have you accepted the Mega as your Lord and Saviour?” AKA said.

Apparently the female rapper was afraid to deviate from the rap boss her fans know and love but AKA convinced her otherwise.

She said, I’m worried ... what if I alienate the people who have been riding with me this far. I said ... if this song flops do you wanna flop as who they say you are or do you wanna flop as yourself?”