LOL! 'The River’s' Emma is proving to be a real 'die hard'

But Madlabantu's fan club isn't sure how they feel about that!

10 June 2020 - 18:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress Lunathi Mampofu has kept 'The River' fans on their toes.
Image: Twitter/1 Magic Actress Lunathi Mampofu has kept 'The River' fans on their toes.

The River's Emma, played by Lunathi Mampofu, is proving to be a worthy adversary for Lindiwe but that isn't going down well with Lindiwe's fans, who are used to the evil matriarch always getting her way.

Lindiwe ( played by Sindi Dlathu) has successfully managed all her enemies “quick and fast” in the past.

However, Emma keeps rising like a phoenix whenever Lindiwe thinks she's buried her, and that is leaving her super frustrated.

Recently, moghel sent her connection to orchestrate what was supposed to be a fatal car accident for Emma but Lindiwe's boys obviously underestimated Zolani's wifey, because she may have been burnt and bruised but she made it out alive.

Now Lindiwe has to take matters into her own hands if she wants to truly get rid of Emma.

Meanwhile, Emma is also trying to kill Lindiwe so she can inherit both her money and power.

Some fans of the telenovela are already over the storyline and have accused the writers of dragging the plot. However, others are living for the competition between the queen and the underdog. 

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