Is Nasty C’s new single any good? Here’s what fans think

12 June 2020 - 14:00 By Masego Seemela
Nasty C has a new banger out and the streets are loving it.
Nasty C has a new banger out and the streets are loving it.
Image: Instagram/Nasty C

Rapper Nasty C sent social media into meltdown mode after releasing his fire single Eazy on Friday.  

Taking to Twitter, Nasty put his stans on the fire track giving them something to get down to while living life under social distancing standards. 

Nasty, who's noted for being consistent with his music, got hip-hop giants KwestaDaKAR and Stogie T giving him props for his new fire song.

He also got a major nod from the hip hop community who couldn't get over the bars he was spitting.

As the hashtag #NastyCEazy keeps dominating the trends list, Ivy's son also revealed that he'd be dropping the music video for the new song at 6pm.

In a podcast interview with TshisaLIVE last month, Nasty revealed what he plans to bring to the Def Jam recording label.

In March, Billboard reported that Nasty had signed a deal that comes as a joint venture with Universal Music Africa.

“Man it's exciting, it's very exciting because I really put in the work. I just keep my head down and work, I overwork myself even and it pays off ... that's the one thing I believe in.”

Nasty explained that the record deal meant he'd have to live in the States for months at a time and will also see him come back to SA every now and then.

“I'll always have a place to live here because I don't want to live anywhere else besides SA, but I do have to move in the States so I'm there a bit more and people get to see my face a bit more and to also interact with me.” 

Nasty explained he plans to give the US audience and world at large the real version of himself and be “as authentic as possible”. 

“I've never been one to change because of what people think about me or because they don't like me. So, I will keep doing music and it's been working so far.

“I've just got a bigger platform to really bring all my ideas I have in my head to life the right way, with the right quality ... things are going to get a little more crazier from now forth,” Nasty quipped.