Prince Kaybee: Imagine releasing an album with the same beat throughout

19 June 2020 - 14:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Prince Kaybee offered unsolicited advice about making good albums.
Image: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram Prince Kaybee offered unsolicited advice about making good albums.

Perhaps it wasn't intentional or maybe it was. Either way, Twitter is certain Prince Kaybee's latest advice about making music advice was actually a low-key sub-tweet aimed at a certain DJ he has beefed with. 

Prince Kaybee took to social media to share his thoughts on what makes a great album. He noted that great albums offer variety, and took jabs at albums that sound like "one long song".

"Imagine an album that has the same beat throughout. Literally every song sounds the same," he said.

The uWrongo hitmaker shared his wisdom on the subject, saying artists needed to spend more time making their albums.

"Try making an album over a longer period of time to avoid sounding the same. The mind needs to rest for new ideas."

Having been prone to attracting negative feedback with his tweets in the past, Prince Kaybee quickly defended his statement.

"Before you attack me, I have experienced that, as a creative, the spirit of genius visits you sometimes. It is  not always there. So when you are going through a creative block, stop. The music will sound forced if you carry on," he said.

The TL figures it's only a matter of hours until the unnamed DJ responds and another twar begins. Some even think the pair may be gunning for beef of the year, with their main competition being AKA and Cassper, of course.

The one clear thing is we'll be camping on the TL ready to bring the news as soon as it drops.

Si ready! *grabs popcorn*