IN MEMES | The one earring mystery left 'Uyajola 99' fans invested for days!

22 June 2020 - 11:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper turned TV host Jub Jub is the usual host of the Sunday edition of 'Uyajola 99'.
Rapper turned TV host Jub Jub is the usual host of the Sunday edition of 'Uyajola 99'.
Image: Jub Jub/ Instagram

In addition to worrying about the outrageous cheating tendencies that make Uyajola 99 truly lit, this week fans of the show also had a side project. They had to figure out where Mama Rose's earring was!

Mama Rose, who asked the controversial cheater-confrontation show to help her find out if her husband was indeed cheating on her, had a peculiar type of style from the get go.

While viewers quickly got used to the long nails, the frighteningly bright leather jacket and the husband's pink beard, the issue of her only wearing one earring did not sit well with tweeps.

Did it go missing? Did she lose it while they were mid-shoot? Did she forgot to wear it in the first place because of stress? Was the one earring a fashion trend or fashion statement? Viewers couldn't help but wonder on Twitter.

Can they just do the world a favour and get a divorce. Let pink beard daddy keep his medical aid, and one earring Mama pack her bags and keep it moving. Wow,” one tweet said.

“I can already tell there will be drama in today’s episode of Uyajola 99, one earring?? Tense! Stress level is obviously on steroids,” said another.

Others just assumed sis wore one earring so that when it's time to fight, she only has one earring to take off. You know, so she doesn't waste any time!

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